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Dear friends!

I am thrilled to announce that I have entered my candidacy for the New York City Councilman in the Republican Primaries for the 48th district in Brooklyn.

Let me remind you that the 48th district includes such wonderful areas as Brighton Beach, Trump Village, Luna Park, Amalgamated Warbasse Houses, Brightwater Towers, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Homecrest, and Midwood.

I have been moving to this choice for a long time, and I am glad this is finally happening!

Contrary to the popular language, I am not going “against” someone. I am going “for” - for you, my future voters, for the safety and cleanliness of our streets, for the prosperity of small businesses, for order in our schools and homes in which you live!

The experience of an engineer, teacher, journalist, and businessman acquired before emigrating to America will help me in my future work when (and if) you choose me.

I am also confident that my rich American professional experience as a radio, television, and newspaper journalist, immigration attorney’s assistant, manager in Jewish organizations, and leader and activist of public organizations will be very useful in solving the problems of our community.

Like many of you, I went through a difficult immigrant path of becoming, a path of failures, losses, and victories. So I know about the community’s problems, about the district’s issues not by hearsay but, as they say, “first hand.”

Although at the same time, I think that not a single elected official is worth anything on its own without your opinion and advice. I really count on your support! Both moral and financial!

Together - we are a force!

Thank you for your trust and participation in the common cause!

Your truly,

Igor Kazatsker

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